Let’s Play!


Branson’s history is incredible; it has had an alluring power for decades. Over time, people flocked to Branson for entertainment as it became a force of tourism drawing visitors from around the world. As it grew, so did the need for safe, organized traffic solutions for drivers and pedestrians alike.

The New Spirit of 76 project is really about bringing multi-modal transportation to the entire five mile corridor. What we really want to do is to give people the opportunity to experience it as a linear amusement park; people can go and spend the day on 76. The entire highway should be a visual demonstration about everything that is great about Branson and its history. It should encourage visitors to stay AND play while they are here, bringing the community to a whole new level of tourist excitement. This renovation project is a chance for Branson to make it what it should be and what it has always wanted it to be: a place for people to walk and drive, for folks to connect. Tourists come to Branson to be together, so if we can make it a great, safe experience it’s going to make vacations happier, better and more successful.

The city has directed the New Spirit of 76 project team to move forward with design of improvements for the first 1.5 miles of the 76 corridor.  The first phase spans from White Water (Pat Nash Drive) on the west to the Grand Palace (Wildwood Drive) on the east.  In order to construct the project to match the funding, the first phase has been broken into 3 sections:

  • Phase 1A – Ripley’s east to Presleys
  • Phase 1B – Track 4 north to Pat Nash Drive
  • Phase 1C – Landry’s east to Wildwood Drive

Our project team is here to make this project great for everyone! Please let us know if there is something we can improve on, or you would like to see. Visit our “News” page for construction updates, check out the map, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information and fun!